UTA - NJ "The Taxi Union"

The United Transportation Alliance of New Jersey


Dedicated to transforming the taxi cab industry in New Jersey.  We fight for justice, rights, respect and dignity for the men and women who come from diverse communities, and multi-ethnic backgrounds.  Our focus of our work is economic justice, workplace civil and privacy rights, safety and health conditions, access to health care, and the membership of a mass-based organization.


Is "ridesharing" safe? Who are these amateur uberX drivers and are they properly screened for criminal backgrounds? Do they have proper insurance? And what happens when inevitable accidents occur? Are riders in danger?


Uber thinks they're above regulations and oversight. They claim to only be a technology company. But don't be fooled. Here are four Uber myths debunked.


They seem to value profit over protecting the public they claim to serve. UberX services and companies like them want all reward and no responsibility. And they will take it, unless we hold them accountable and protect the public's basic right to safety.


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